Traditional Investigative Services

Brand Protection

Intellectual property can be protected for example by trademarks or patents. Such titles typically give the holder negative rights, i.e. the right to deprive others of use or marketing such as a patent-protected invention. The protection of rights therefore represents the process aimed at prohibiting others from using or marketing protected industrial property through civil, administrative, criminal measures, to avoid the unauthorized use of industrial property.

The abusive use of so-called counterfeiting industrial property rights causes great economic and reputational damage to companies that can take different actions to protect and support them.

What rights can be associated with the intangible assets of companies?


A trademark is an exclusive right on the use of a sign in relation to the goods and services for which it was registered.


A patent is an exclusive right granted for the protection of an invention (a product or a process).

Industrial designs and models

An industrial design or model is an exclusive right granted for the protection of the external appearance of all or part of a product resulting from the characteristics and / or decoration of the product.


Copyright is the term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary, scientific and artistic works.
Traditional Investigative Services

How can we help you?

We can help companies in different contexts through targeted actions that through specific investigations and legal supports act in the following contexts:
  • Civil protection
  • Protection in criminal law
  • Customs protection
  • Online protection
Call us to develop a defense strategy for your company's rights.

Mystery Shopping - Protection and checks on Sales Networks

Mystery shopping is a technique that has its origins in the 1930s in the United States of America as a technique used by private investigators to prevent thefts by employees mainly in banks and shops and commercial networks. In 1940 Wilmark coined the term Mystery Shopping and this method began to be used to improve customer service.

Currently there is an Italian standard UNI 11312-1: 2017 which defines: "Mystery shopping / audit is an undeclared audit conducted in an unrecognizable way, having the characteristic of simulating the behavior and actions of a potential or real customer of an organization that provides services, including any associated products, in order to detect the quality of the service provided "… and fraud or offenses.

Traditional Investigative Services

How can we help you?

We provide adequately trained personnel for the tasks to be carried out with specific experience in the sectors to be audited. We provide accurate reporting on the activities carried out and the results achieved, shared in advance with the client. In the case of Mystery Shopping for cases of inventory shortages, we provide appropriate investigative and legal assistance. We organize professional courses aimed at training personnel who intend to carry out these activities incognito.

Checks on the Commercial Banking and Financial Network

The checks on the banking and financial commercial network are activities aimed at knowing the solvency, reliability, reputation of your company with the banking, financial and

commercial intermediaries and at all the archives that can be consulted, before having a commercial, economic and fiduciary relationship with your society.

Traditional Investigative Services

How can we help you?

We consult all public and private archives containing information about your company to understand the scoring (the score) assigned to you in technical and economic terms every time you need to entertain new business relationships or request loans from banks or financial companies.

Asset investigations for extrajudicial credit recovery

Asset investigations are activities conducted by authorized investigative agencies aimed at obtaining information to understand the debtor's solvency.

Debt collection is the activity carried out in order to obtain payment (total or partial) of the credit from the debtor.

The patrimonial investigations therefore make it possible to verify, before undertaking onerous credit recovery activities that may not lead to economically satisfactory results, a detailed picture of the official and unofficial assets of the debtor to be attacked.
It is also possible to use these investigations as a support in order to evaluate any new business relationships with "new customers".

Traditional Investigative Services

How can we help you?

Our company can help you through several checks:
  • Pre-commercial investigation
    To check the creditworthiness of new customers
  • Commercial investigation
    To check the solvency of credits due in the next 3-6-9 months
  • Post-commercial or extrajudicial investigation
    To check which assets are available and can be attacked against unpaid credits

Infidelity of employees or partners

Infidelity of employees or partners are those fraudulent actions committed by employees or partners that in the literature are defined as White Collar Crime (crimes committed by white collar workers).
Such actions carried out to the detriment of the company are based on countless implementation schemes;

among the main ones we mention: corruption, falsification of accounting records (false invoicing, false accounting, ...), embezzlement of company assets without being entitled to it (see Association Certified Fraud Examiner - ACFE).
Traditional Investigative Services

How can we help you?

  • We conduct comprehensive investigations to help you discover any wrongdoing committed by your employees, partners, Stakeholders….
  • We produce evidence for use in court cases
  • We testify in legal office

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is the reputation that a company, a brand or a product has in the digital world of the web.
A positive reputation, as well as a negative one, can create a virtuous or vicious effect in the development of commercial relationships with customers or with stakeholders in general.

The new so-called non-traditional means of communication, such as social media, increase the perceived value of the consumer with respect to marketing activities and create the reputation of the brand or company.
Traditional Investigative Services

How can we help you?

Through appropriate techniques of Open Source Intelligence OSINT we verify the brand reputation on the web. We produce appropriate explanatory reports to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your brand or company. We guide you to evaluate any negative indicators that may have emerged from the analysis.

Marital infidelity

Investigations in the family and personal fields are aimed at those who want to ascertain the existence of marital infidelity and any partner's extra-marital affair. MSI conducts investigations and collects documentation as evidence to be produced in court on possible betrayal, ascertaining the case of marital infidelity.

MSI applies the legislation to all phases of work relating to surveillance and observation as well as the use of technical equipment that allows the MSI company to carry out shadowing, to obtain certain and discreet results.

Traditional Investigative Services

How can we help you?

We carry out investigations directly throughout the Italian and foreign territory. We use a network of professional investigators who respond directly to the MSI.

What is needed to start an investigation into alleged marital infidelity?

  • The name of the person to check
  • Residence or domicile address
  • The name and address of the place usually visited
  • The name and address of the employer
  • The phone number and his cell phone number
  • A recent photo of the subject

Check Attendance of Minors

Michael Slim International carries out investigations for the control of minors and the protection of minor children by verifying and documenting the behavior of the adolescent outside the family context. With the investigation techniques for the protection of minors, it is possible to ascertain the attendance of young people, the use of drugs, the use of alcohol or harmful behavior for oneself or for others.

For this kind of investigation on the protection of minors and attendance control, MSI has set itself the goal of providing accurate information that can be used by knowledgeable parents and guardians, in order to effectively recover the young person under observation and to achieve family serenity.

Traditional Investigative Services

How can we help you?

We provide parents and guardians with a team of investigators specialized in these contexts who have gained specific experience in this area.
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